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Other Cape Dory Groups & Publications:

    In addition to the CDSOA and its publication, MASTHEAD, you'll find these other Cape Dory owners groups:

    Cape Dory Fans: Facebook Group.

    The Typhooner: NOTE: The Typhooner is longer being published but Noel encourages Typhoon lovers to use the "CD Board". ("A newsletter for owners of Cape Dory Typhoon sailboats, and other Cape Dory sailboats, as well as for those who want to own one, and those who owned one, and now realize that selling the neat little boats they had was the biggest mistake of their lives." The Typhooner was published irregularly by Noel Peattie who, sadly, passed away in January 2005.)

Other owners associations for Alberg-designed boats:

Special Sailing/Boating Programs:


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