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When corresponding with any of the Officers via e-mail, Copy/Paste the e-mail address into the BODY of your e-mail where you can remove "*NOSPAM*" from their e-mail address. Then Copy/Paste it into the "TO" field before clicking on Send.

For questions or comments about our web site, including the message board, contact:

  • The Web Team -
    • Web Adminstrator - Fred Mueller, Southborough, MA -- fmueller001*NOSPAM*
    • Webmaster - Catherine Monaghan, Rahway, NJ - c_m_monaghan*NOSPAM*
    • Assistant Webmaster - Bob Dugan, Wayland, MA
    • Data Protection Officer - Fred Mueller

For CDSOA membership information or info on how to form a new Fleet in your area, contact:

  • CDSOA Commodore - Fred Mueller, Southborough, MA -- fmueller001*NOSPAM*

For the CDSOA Chandlery:

For Fleet Information contact:

  • Carolinas Fleet Captain - Lou Ostendorff, Raleigh, NC -- ostendorff*NOSPAM*
    • Fleet Secretary - Karen Perrone, Raleigh, NC -- kareneperrone*NOSPAM*
  • Southeast Fleet Captain - Steve Kuhar, Pace, FL -- kuhar*NOSPAM*
    • Fleet Secretary - Sue Kuhar, Pace, FL -- kuhar*NOSPAM*
  • Chesapeake Fleet Captain - John Arsenault, Cullen, VA -- johnarsenault*NOSPAM*
    • Fleet Secretary -Nancy Schwarzkopf, Manalapan, NJ -- CDSOA.chesapeake*NOSPAM*
  • Gulf Coast Fleet Captain -Kathryn Oler, Corpus Christi, TX -- kathryn.oler*NOSPAM*
    • Fleet Secretary - Forrest Paddock, Houston, TX -- forrestpaddock*NOSPAM*
  • Northeast Fleet Captain - Fred Mueller, Providence, RI -- fredmueller001*NOSPAM*
    • Fleet Secretary - Doug Jesseman, Benson, VT -- dougcd36*NOSPAM*

For questions about or submissions to the MASTHEAD contact:

  • MASTHEAD Editor - Don Schwarzkopf, Manalapan, NJ -- dasnas1*NOSPAM*

CDSOA Officers:

  • Commodore - Fred Mueller, Southborough, MA -- fmueller*NOSPAM*
  • Treasurer - Sue Kuhar, Pace, FL -- kuhar*NOSPAM*
  • *NOSPAM*
  • Past-Commodore - Pat Noonan, Citronelle, AL -- nanoontap*NOSPAM*


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