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Manufacture of Cape Dory Boats
November 2001 Update

Last Updated: March 3, 2002

    Disclaimer: The CDSOA is a private voluntary social club. The CDSOA and this Web site are not associated with and do not represent Cape Dory Yachts nor any of the other businesses or individuals mentioned herein. The information below was based on a number of conversations with various people, and was correct to the best of my knowledge as of 1997, with updates as noted. If you have more accurate or more current information, please email me.

When Cape Dory Yachts ceased operations in 1991, the molds were scattered among several boat manufacturers. On the good side, several of them are actively building boats, and others plan to do so. On the sad side, the builder which was making powerboats under the Cape Dory name has reportedly ceased operation, and the molds for one popular Cape Dory powerboat may soon be lost entirely.

Andy Vavolotis, who ran Cape Dory for about 28 years, is still building sailboats in Robinhood, Maine as Robinhood Marine using the molds from the Cape Dory 36, 40 and 45, and the 33 powerboat.

Robinhood has carried the Cape Dory philosophy a step farther, according to Robinhood’s Dave Perry. As Cape Dory, Vavolotis delivered identical boats through a network of dealers, who installed the options. Robinhood builds boats one at a time, equips and commissions them, and can do more customizing, particularly on the 40. Cape Dory owners, justly proud of the construction, fit and finish of their boats, may be interested to hear that Robinhood is using even better materials, equipment and joinerwork, according to Perry.

Newport Marine, which took over the Cape Dory name and the molds for the 36' and 40' powerboats, had delivered about four 40’s before they ceased operation early in 1996. And the 28' powerboat, the most popular of Cape Dory’s power offerings, may soon be lost for future construction. At this time the molds are split among several locations, and are reportedly in need of maintenance.

Nauset Marine, a semi-custom boatbuilder on Cape Cod, has the molds for the Typhoon Senior, the 30 Mk II, and the 30/33' and 42' powerboats. They sold the molds for the CD 300 MS Motor Sailer to Hobby Marine, Inc. in August 2000. As of 1997, they had produced four Typhoon weekenders and one Typhoon Senior, and three 42' powerboats. They are starting hull #2 on the 33' powerboat, which they can build in several configurations, principally a bridge deck model.

Compass Classic Yachts got the Typhoon molds from Nauset in 2000, and is manufacturing it as the Hurricane in a gaff rig.  Merv Hammatt of Compass says "A new deck mold has been built. and we are using the daysailer version liner mold.  We have the molds for all parts for the overnighter and daysailer as Cape Dory built them.  I have no plans to build either of these boats, but the molds are still here and it could be done." 

Hobby Marine, Inc. has purchased the CD 300 MS Motor Sailer molds from Nauset Marine. The molds should be in Pollocksville, North Carolina by the end of September 2000. Hobby Marine should be ready to start lay-up of the molds by December 2000/January 2001. Web Site (soon) Hobby Marine will also try to answer questions about the CD 300 MS.

C.W. Hood Yachts, which recently moved to Marblehead, Mass., has the 24' trawler molds and has already built one boat. Triangle Marine has acquired the molds for the 270.

Octavia Marine, which bought the Cape Dory 25D molds for manufacture as the Octavia 25, went out of business in 2000. We don't believe any were built.

The CD25D and 26 (as of 11/01) and 270 (as of 2/00) are now being manufactured on a semi-custom basis as the Hadley 25, 26 and 27 by Triangle Marine Engineering, Ltd. They will also supply molded parts. See this short review in Sailing, Nov. 99.

As of 2011, Stroudwater Boatworks is building the Handy Cat 14.

And last but not least, the Cape Dory 10, the "original Cape Dory," can still be had from Spartan Marine as the Spartan 10.

Where to find them:

Robinhood Boatbuilders (Andy Vavolotis)
Robinhood Marine Center
Dave Perry, Yacht Broker
Robinhood Marine Center
HC 33 - Box 1460
Georgetown, ME 04548, USA
Tel (207)371-2343 or (800)255-5206
Fax (207) 371-2899

C.W. Hood Yachts, Inc.
PO Box 443
65A Front Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Tel (781) 631-0192
Fax (781) 631-0345

Hobby Marine, Inc.
P.O. Box 220
Pollocksville, NC 28573
Tel (252)224-1600
Fax (252)224-0444

Nauset Marine
Dawson Farber, V.P.
Route 6A
P.O. Box 357
Orleans, MA 02653
Tel (508) 255-0777

Compass Classic Yachts
P. O. Box 143
South Orleans, MA 02662
Tel: 508-240-1032

Spartan Marine
Robinhood Marine Center
Robinhood, ME 04530
Tel (800) 325-3287

Triangle Marine Engineering, Ltd.
Quonset Davisville Commerce Park
87 Airport Street, Bldg. #20
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Tel (401) 295-7773


9 September 2003

Modified by: Catherine Monaghan

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