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PHRF Handicaps for Cape Dory Sailboats

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What is a PHRF Rating?

There are several methods of handicapping different models of sailboats so they can race together fairly. One of the most common is PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet). The table below lists the PHRF ratings for some Cape Dory boats.  Unless otherwise indicated, these are taken from the PHRF-NE ratings table as of April 18, 1999. (Visit the The Performance Handicap Fleet of New England for addition information.

Most PHRF handicapping authorities use the Schell Regression Forumla to determine the "base" ratings. Then the vessel is further handicapped based on its equipment and other variables. The variables used are different in different regions of the country. So check the handicapping authority in your area. In addition to application forms, they have instructions on how to "measure" your boat. Other regional PHRF authorities.)

Cape Dory "base ratings" based on the Schell Regression Formula, are available here for download (Microsoft Excel, 31 Kb) . The spreadsheet ratings/variables are based on the PHRF of New England Handicap Adjustments (May 2001) and is split into different sections for ease of viewing. The top half displays the heading information. The bottom portion of the spreadsheet displays the rating information for each Cape Dory and Intrepid model -- including the base ratings. Below the list of models there are four examples of actual boats that have been further handicapped: CD32C Realization, CD30MKII Machts Nichts, CD36C Journey's End and CD30C Madness III. Note in the example, that the entry for the "CD32C Realization" has been modified to include information indicating that she has a 3-bladed fixed prop, her largest sail is less than 135%, she has a normal masthead rig with staysail, and she has an asymmetrical spinnaker flown without a pole. These variables change her rating from 184 (base) to 211. To estimate the rating for your boat, copy the entire line of information for your boat model and paste it below the information for CD30C Madness III. Then, modify the table using the information starting under the heading "Auxilliary Power". The number in the "Adjusted Handicap" column will update automatically. Don't forget, these handicap variables and their values are from old information - 2001. This information is provided to give you a rough idea of the PHRF rating for your vessel. Check with the handicapping authority in your sailing area for the current variables and values and measurement worksheets.

PHRF Ratings
318 2
Typhoon Senior
270 3
Cape Dory 22
Cape Dory 25
Cape Dory 25D 252
Cape Dory 26D
246 7
Cape Dory 27 243
Cape Dory 270 216
Cape Dory 28 219
Cape Dory 30 Cutter
207 5
Cape Dory 31 198
Cape Dory 33
186 4
Cape Dory 330
177 1
Cape Dory 36 Cutter 180
Cape Dory 36 Ketch
186 6
Cape Dory 40 168
  1. Provisional rating issued by Singlehanded Sailing Society race committee.
  2. Boat does not qualify for an official handicap. The usual reason is that it cannot, in stock form, pass ORC Cat 4 safety requirements.
  3. Per Northern California PHRF, reported by Jim Heldberg
  4. From A Field Guide to Sailboats, 2nd Edition (cited by Catherine Monaghan)
  5. YRA of Long Island Sound lists 228 for both the CD 30 and 30 ketch; also 156 for the CD 36.  For the 22 and 27 it's pretty close to the ratings shown..
  6. From the San Francisco Bay Area Yacht Racing Association
  7. According to an old certificate from PHRF of Northern Florida, from Brian Johnson. It lists a base rating of 246 and adjusted rating of 249.

Other Regional PHRF Authorities:

United States Performance Handicap Racing Fleet

Chesapeake Bay

Great Lakes






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